Which is the Predominant Language Supported by Selenium?

Selenium is a popular web application testing framework that is open source and portable and the predominant language is supported by selenium.

The demand for Selenium Web Testers is increasing and will continue to grow exponentially in the future. According to Business Wire, Selenium has risen to become the most popular of all web testing tools, with a 300 percent increase in job postings over the previous three years.

Other programming languages (Java, C#, Ruby, Python) can be used to script tests, while Selenium comes with its test domain-specific language (Selenese). Communication modes in the Selenium Client API are used by tests written in other languages to communicate with Selenium. As a result, Selenium is neutral to the client’s language.

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What language should we use to create Selenium-based automated testing suites?

Languages Supported by Selenium

Now let us start with a general overview of programming languages.  Languages Supported by Selenium though many different languages exist and new ones are being developed, it is important to note that roughly 90% of the concepts covered in one language are also applicable to completely different languages.

When one is familiar with the fundamentals of program design, control structures, data structures, and basic programming language operation, developing similar skills in another language is simply a matter of understanding the syntactical gradation.

selenium web driver supported language

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As an individual, the answer is simple: do what makes you the most comfortable.

The WebDriver API’s cross-language consistency streamlines the task of optimizing test knowledge from one language to the other. Test engineers become more valuable to their organizations because they can be reassigned to any web project signed in any programming language and still create tests for it instantaneously.

Selenium webdriver supported which language

Most commands in the Selenium API benefit from standardization between different Selenium bindings. However, it should be noted that the example provided is oversimplified. Every language uses the same format for action commands. However, once different languages are used to script code, differences between the languages will become apparent over time. As a result, actions that work well in one language may be repetitive and counterintuitive in another.

Which language is not supported by selenium?

C and C++ programming languages are not endorsed by Selenium.

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Test suite

A test suite is a collection of test cases designed to test a software program’s behavior or set of behaviors. We cannot define a suite in testing source code in TestNG, but it is represented by a single XML file, as suite is an execution feature. It also allows for the flexible configuration of the tests that will be run. The suite> tag defines a suite, which can contain one or more tests.


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