Dot Net Courses

Overview Of Dot Net Framework

What is DOTNET? Dot Net is a programming framework that supports a wide range of programming languages and technologies. . NET supports over 60 different programming languages. Microsoft created 9 of the 60+ programming languages, while the rest were created by non-Microsoft companies. FITA Academy offers the best DOT NET Training in Chennai to enhance the […] Read More
Structural Framework of Ionic

Structural Framework of Ionic

Ionic: Ionic framework is an open-source UI toolset for effective development, great quality of desktop and mobile applications utilizing network technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript with the combinations to modern structural frameworks such as React, Vue, and Angular. Join FITA Academy for the best Ionic Online Course and learn from the experts in that […] Read More
Why Is Software Testing Important?

Why Is Software Testing Important?

What Is Software Testing? Software Testing is the method of verifying and evaluating the software product or applications, which is assumed to do. The advantages of testing lead to reducing costs, checking bugs, and increasing performance. Learn Software Testing Training in Chennai at FITA Academy and obtain more information in Software Testing. Here in this […] Read More

Why Every Business need Tally Software?

This Blog will help you to know Why Every Business need Tally Software? It will helpful for all professionals. Tally ERP9: Tally ERP9 is popular accounting software that most businesses use for accounting, report generation, and data mining. Learning Tally Classes in Bangalore will enhance your resume and allow you to easily handle any type of business […] Read More
Types of Blockchain Networks

Types of Blockchain Networks

Blockchain: Blockchain is a shared, perpetual ledger that promotes the operation of recording all the activities or transactions and following assets in a business system interface. FITA Academy provides the best Blockchain Training in Chennai by industry experts. An asset can be tangible or intangible. Essentially any value can be followed and traded at a […] Read More
Future scope of Digital Marketing

Future scope of Digital Marketing

What Is Digital Marketing? Nowadays, all kinds of marketing are through Digital Platforms like Search Engines, Social Media, Applications, Websites, the Internet is also known as Digital Marketing. Currently, this form of marketing is reaching the customer quite fastly. Here in this article, we describe the Future scope of Digital Marketing.   It is reaching all […] Read More
Graphic Design

Importance of Graphic Designing

Here ,in this blog, we described the Importance of Graphic Designing. Hope it will helpful for all professional graphic designer. Graphic Design: Graphic design is an art where professionals create visual content to convey messages. Graphic design is essential for any business. A single image can represent the entire business. Learning Graphic Design Courses in Hyderabad at FITA […] Read More
Full Stack Developer

Steps to Become a Full Stack Developer

Full-Stack Developer A full-stack developer is an engineer who can handle server, database, server, and client functions. A Full Stack Developer Course in Bangalore will help you become an all-around expert in the front end, back end, and databases of Web applications. Specifically, You need to know the nodejs and Javascript to become a full-stack developer and […] Read More
iOS Vs Android updates

iOS Updates vs. Android Updates: How Are iOS Updates Faster?

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the two most popular mobile operating systems right now, as we all know. In reality, these two operating systems account for more than 85% of the mobile OS market. Instead of comparing iOS vs Android, I’d want to compare both in terms of software updates in this essay. What […] Read More

Overview of Artificial Intelligence

Read this blog to get an Overview of Artificial Intelligence and understand the AI Concepts. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is a branch of advanced computer science that helps in the development of smart machines capable of performing tasks that would normally require human intelligence. It refers to a machine’s ability to perform cognitive tasks such […] Read More