Selenium with C# Training

Primary Responsibilities of C# Selenium Automation Engineer

What is C#? C # is a programming language that runs on .NET architecture. The C # language was created to run the CLR, which represents the common language runtime. And It is a structured programming language because the developer can be broke down the programs into multiple parts with the help of C# functions. […] Read More
Mean Stack Training in Chennai

Benefits of Using Mean Stack Development

Introduction In today’s era, every company – big, small, or simply for a start, needs a solid computerized balance. They have some other way to accomplish this. Average layer, now a key approach. The techniques used to create websites are constantly being improved at regular intervals, after which web developers need to give them the […] Read More

Who Can Choose Clinical SAS Program?

SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System, it is used in clinical data analysis in pharmaceutical and Clinical Research Organizations. Here in this article, we described Who Can Choose Clinical SAS Program? The apply of SAS in clinical research has provided incredible events in the last years. SAS can benefit healthcare experts to meet their business […] Read More

A Beginners Guide to Salesforce is a multi-tenant architecture that helps multiple customers. It provides various software solutions for business. Enrich your app development and data exchange skills through Application Program Interface. Join FITA Academy know a Beginners Guide to Salesforce and learn the use of Salesforce CRM. Get started your career as a Salesforce Developer, well Experienced trainers […] Read More

Future scope of RPA

Robotic Process Automation plays a major role in the IT industry. It helps to get higher potential in terms of both workforce and usage. Many multinational enterprises have enabled RPA in their global system. With an increasing focus on ML and AI, it is going to be interesting. Know the future scope of RPA with […] Read More

Top Five DevOps Tools

DevOps: DevOps is a set of software development systems used to maintain a flexible relationship between IT development and operations. This allows companies to better serve their customers and to perform more aggressively on the market.  DevOps Training in Pune, you will learn about DevOps basics level to advanced level concepts. Concept of DevOps: In […] Read More

What’s new in Angular 11?

Angular is a Google JavaScript framework for building mobile applications with over 72,000 stars on Github. AngularJS is mainly used to build Progressive Web Applications (PWA), Single Page Applications (SPA), Mobile, and Web Portals. AngularJS is a popular technology, it is now being used in 8000 websites including top companies like ABC News, NBC, Intel, […] Read More

Benefits of learning PHP Programming Language

PHP is the most popular open-source scripting language that helps to build applications such as Perl, ASP, CGI, JPS, and many more. Developers learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build a perfect website. There are a plethora of opportunities for web and app developers. Increase your career opportunities in the web development field through PHP […] Read More
Software Testing Course in Chennai

Overview Of Software Testing

What is the definition of testing? Testing is the process of evaluating a system or its component(s) to determine whether or not it matches the set requirements. Simply put, testing is the method of running a system to find any gaps, faults, bugs, or missing requirements that are not met by the real requirements. In […] Read More