How Does Google Flutter Work?

What is Google Flutter?

Google introduced Flutter as an open-source framework for programming and developing native applications for iOS and Android. The Flutter integrates ease of development progress with native-like performance while establishing visual consistency across platforms. In Flutter, the Dart is developed as a substitute for JavaScript. Join FITA Academy for the best Google Flutter Training in Chennai gives more opportunities for your career development.

Most importantly, Flutter is an open-source project that is free to use. Flutter is integrated with React Native in terms of popularity on Version control systems and Stack Overflow. Here in this blog, we describe How Does Google Flutter Work?

Why Google Flutter?

The Flutter is effectively written in the Dart programming, which includes the Flutter library, Flutter engine, and devices. Flutter provides some components to the end-user for effective use. Flutter does not adapt widely, but it is becoming more popular. Dart is quickly becoming one of the most traditional programming languages, and Flutter was voted first by GitHub problems in comparison to other developing technologies. The Flutter is easy to understand. Google Flutter Online Course offers certification with 100% placement assistance.

How Does Google Flutter Work?

  • Flutter’s main idea is that development teams can create a complete user interface by essentially combining multiple widgets.
  • It applies to everything from function keys to padding, and the developer can customize the application by combining widgets.
  • Widgets can combine with one another and utilize built-in procedures to react to dynamic changes. Widgets are important user interface elements that adhere to the design requirements of Android, iOS, and traditional web applications.
  • Flutter enables the developers to view and show plugins in a progressive style. Flutter is the portable SDK, which supplies functionalities without the use of a JavaScript base.
  • Dart contains a database of software system packages, which can be utilized to develop the significance of web and portable applications. For example, it provides several packages that allow developers to access Firebase and create serverless applications.
  • Another package provides access to the direct database system or makes platform facilities and devices such as cameras more accessible.


Flutter ensures consistency in the project development, maximum performance in the managed to finish mobile application, and an interface that is appropriate for both Android and iOS platforms. FITA Academy’s Flutter Training in Bangalore provides excellent coaching by real-time experts.

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