German Language Classes in OMR

Most people like to learn a second language by consent or for their career needs. Knowing a language is considered as knowledge. It will eventually boost their personality and self- confidence. Many aspire to learn German as it is one of the Lingua Franca languages. German classes in OMR at FITA trains the students to form their basics.

What is German?

German is one of the major languages across the world, and it is the first language for millions of people in Europe. German is a unique language with a poetic touch that can’t be translated into other languages. In case you are an English speaker, it is an advantage for you because of German and English share the Germanic roots. Learning a foreign language not only brings individuals together but also helps to learn a new culture. You can learn these languages in Chennai, with an experienced staff. German classes in Kandanchavadi at FITA provides excellent coaching to the students and makes them converse fluently in German.

Is the German Language easy to learn?

German is the major language in many countries and spoken by more than 200 million people in European, Germany, Austria, etc. German and English almost have more similar alphabets, common to speak and write than you think.

The words like strudel are the same meaning in German and English. But there are a few tedious words. These types of words are called "False Friends". The words are similar but the meaning differs. The World's highest and most active Economic powerhouse is European Union and German is one of the official languages in the European Union. It is easy to learn the German Language like any other non-native language. But learning German for career purposes needs regular and proper practice. The easiest way to learn a non-native language is by trying to get accustomed to yourself in the real environment where they use the language frequently. German Classes in Chennai at FITA helps the learners to speak, read, and write German efficiently under the training of experienced tutors. German language course online follow the syllabus designed by subject-matter experts catering to the needs of the business world.

Comparison of other languages

The German language is easy for English speakers. English and German is a similar language because it has the same phrases.

Learning the German language, opens the door for various job opportunities in different fields like Information Technology, Translator and Interpreter, Tourism Industries, Teaching field, Aeroflight Sector, and Medical Industries.

Why learn German? 

Nowadays, many people have started learning more than one global language to enhance their professional careers. Learning German helps you in widening your professional and academic career as well. German Classes in Thoraipakkam at FITA provides the holistic learning of the language under the guidance of experienced tutors.

Why German is important?

There are many reasons to learn German. Given below are the reason why German has gained importance and why people are eager to learn German.

Academic purpose

Job Opportunities

For migrating to European countries.

Learning German will make you know about a new culture, tradition, music, art, and philosophy. It strengthens your personality and knowledge and paves a way to a new environment.

Classification of German 

German can be classified into three types. They are as follows

  • Old High German
  • Middle High German
  • Early high German

Old High German

The Old High German consonant dates back to the history of German language from the migration period which was separated from Old Saxon to Old High German. The sound shift is involved in the pronunciation and drastic changes occurred both in the voiced and voiceless consonants.

Middle High German

The middle-high German date backs to 1050 to 1350. Changes were made in the consonants and phonetics. New words were added during this period. Also, there were few changes in the dialect.

Early High German

The Early New High German period started from the Modern German. This period was terminated by the end of the thirty years of war. The Early New High German period is seen by the further displacement of Latin in the primary language and literature is increased by the German states. German classes in Padur at FITA trains the students efficiently to read, write, and speak in German. Tutors at FITA are has a decade of experience in training the students to converse fluently in German.

German Classes in FITA

If you are looking for immigration purposes then you’ll need to go by test structure of general training. So, to learn this training you may take up German Classes in Chennai at FITA support with well-experienced teaching staff. Learn to speak confidently by undergoing German Classes in Siruseri.

The best place to strengthen your German language Skills is FITA. FITA has been conducting German Classes in Sholinganallur to help learners to understand German which is in high demand. Trainers at FITA bring out the best in you and help you excel in your communication skills & succeed in your career. To learn German in Chennai, German Classes in OMR is the best platform. If the person is interested in learning the German language you can avail the training of German Classes in Perungudi at FITA.  We mainly focus on giving the best and quality coaching for the students. FITA provides professional learning in German and having a holistic understanding of the language. FITA also provides the students with Modern Classrooms! Innovative Teaching Methodologies! Full Practical Sessions with a one-to-one conversation!

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