This Blog will help you to know Why Every Business need Tally Software? It will helpful for all professionals.

Tally ERP9:

Tally ERP9 is popular accounting software that most businesses use for accounting, report generation, and data mining.

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There are numerous reasons for the increased use of software, which are discussed in detail below.


Tally understands the value of simplicity. It’s easy to use, and even those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy can figure out how to use it. The software is keyboard-based, and the keyboard can be used to navigate through it.


The software is simple to perform. Because it only has two keys, Spacebar and Enter. It’s a piece of cake once you know how to make entries. This is a distinct competitive advantage because no other software works in this manner.


Many businesses, educational institutes, NGOs, and other organizations use Tally as their business management software to keep track of cash inflows and outflows, file returns, and so on. The software is easily adaptable to the needs of various industries such as retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and so on. Tally has many features that can help various industry businesses. To use the features, the user simply needs to turn them on.

Permanent license

Tally.ERP 9 is a permanent license, which means that the user pays a one-time fee and then does not have to pay anything else. Aside from the purchase price, Tally users will need to renew their Tally.Net Subscription (TSS) every year. An active TSS is required to use remote access and to obtain the most recent software updates. Tally functions normally without an active TSS, except the remote access feature.

Popular software

Tally is a well-known software platform, and its popularity has grown over time as a result of customers satisfaction. Its users provided positive feedback. It has also spread to other countries around the world. Because the software is so adaptable, it has met the needs of both Indian and foreign businesses.

GST Compliant

GST was introduced in 2017, and Tally was one of the first software companies to implement it. Tally is constantly keeping up with the changes in the GST Act. This has made the process of filing tax returns easier for businesses.

Excellent features and functionalities

Tally has fantastic features for filing GST returns, banking, stock management, employee management, and so on. There are a lot of features that users aren’t even aware of. Most Tally users are unaware of and thus do not use features such as TDS, GST, and payroll, mismatch reports.

 Nowadays, most organizations use to record transaction details in Tally software. Tally Course in Bangalore at  FITA Academy provides sufficient knowledge in the Tally to start their career in the Accounting field.

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