Types of Blockchain Networks


Blockchain is a shared, perpetual ledger that promotes the operation of recording all the activities or transactions and following assets in a business system interface. FITA Academy provides the best Blockchain Training in Chennai by industry experts. An asset can be tangible or intangible. Essentially any value can be followed and traded at a blockchain network, decreasing risk and forming all involved costs. Here in this blog, we describe the types of Blockchain Networks.

Why Blockchain is Necessary:

It is a typical form of addressing information because it affords quick, distributed, fully understandable information recorded and saved on a permanent ledger that can be only accessed by authorized network members. A blockchain network can follow orders, products, payments, returns, accounts, and many more because every network member can share and see the end-to-end transaction details. 

Types of Blockchain Networks:


A public blockchain is a broad platform anyone can enter and engage in or participate in that. The Blockchain requires high optimizing power. There is no privacy in its transactions and has less security. 

Managed or Private: 

Managed or private network is slightly similar to a public network. It allows the organization to supervise each web network, permits only specific users to participate, maintains a ledger book, and implements a particular protocol. FITA Academy’s Blockchain Courses in Chennai offer more benefits for students in career development. 


Hybrid Blockchains are controlled and managed by a single organization. It requires certain validations to perform the transactions. This Blockchain was developed and improved with full productivity. 


Every organization can implement and maintain some plan to manage the Blockchain. The organization also records the submitting data and transaction details. It is highly secured and requires more configurations to allow the users to participate in that. 


All the networking members have access to the categorized ledger and its stable record of activities. With the help of a shared ledger, all the transactions are recorded only one time. It eliminates the duplication in the old business network by implementing some technologies. 


Bitcoin is the initial successful implementation of Blockchain, and it was broadly launched in 2008. Blockchain is the process of recording all the transactions and user details. Blockchain Training Chennai provides certification with placement assistance. 

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