Top Reasons to Choose Appium Server

What is Appium?


Appium is a tool that has grown popularly in recent years. Even in the business industry, when a team wants to automate the test scripts of a specific mobile application, Appium is usually the first word that comes to mind. It is not only open source and very competitive, but it is also one of the best in the market in numerous aspects. Appium Training in Chennai provides you with certification and 100% placement assistance.

Appium employs a two-tier architecture like Selenium. On the one hand, a machine operates the test scripts written in programming languages like C#, Ruby, and JavaScript, which also serve as the test server.


Top Reasons to Choose Appium Server:


The following are some of the reasons to choose the appium server.


Usage of Standard API:


Changing your test codes is not a solution. Each test code is developed with the help of automation system tools. Appium uses its standard API and can be designed to work effectively.




In a room of five people, there may be differences in their mobile operating systems and the type of coverage that must be considered while processing a mobile application used by all the users over the world.

Every software tester can run tests across multiple platforms. Mobile automation engages in activities by having a single test tool that readily performs. Appium is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac to test iOS and Android applications. It also helps the users to find How Appium works on each device


Open-source Framework:


When Appium first appeared on the market, it significantly changed the scenario in which test cases were written in Javascript for iOS applications using Apple’s UI Automation library or in Java for Android using Google’s UI Automator. With Appium, you can select the framework that you want to use in your project.


Support Multiple Languages:


Appium offers several programming languages, which added extra benefits over other testing solutions. It also provides a comprehensive understanding. FITA Academy‘s Appium Training Online will be your career establishing course.


Integration with CI tools:


As we progress with the architecture of our testing framework, CI tools and multidevice processing has become a requirement for an hour. Appium is compatible with any device. Appium can be configured to synchronize with the testing framework, which improves the testing process.



So far, we have discussed the Top Reasons to Choose Appium Server and What is Appium? So to learn more about appium, you can join Appium Training in Coimbatore to have a profound understanding of appium features, tools, and frameworks. 

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