Roles and Responsibilities of a Manual Tester

A manual tester plays a vital role in software development. The manual tester and development team fix the bugs and helps to prevent software issues. It helps the manual tester to analyze and execute test cases to ensure efficiency in software development. 

Roles and Responsibilities of Manual Tester:

Role of a Manual Tester:

You must receive a manual testing certification from a well-reputed institute. FITA Academy‘s Manual Testing Training in Chennai provides you with worthy training and certification. You have a strong working knowledge of software code and have a good working knowledge of test management software and programming languages.

The manual tester’s role is to analyze the test cases for the testing process, improve the software quality, develop the test procedures, design the test plans, and interact with the test manager to fix the common errors. Here in this blog, we will discuss the Roles and Responsibilities of a Manual Tester. This will be beneficial for your future.

What does a Manual Tester do?

A manual tester is responsible for testing the quality of the products. Understanding and recognizing the project requirement and guidelines, analyzing the product’s standards and materials, taking measurements, and making assessments under the company’s policies and laws are among their responsibilities. It helps the manual tester to create test structures progress reports and maintain records. A manual tester must preserve a functional communication line for an efficient workflow.

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Responsibilities of a Manual Tester:

  • Plan and manage market research with Nessus, Metasploit, and Nmap.
  • Troubleshoot testing, reporting, and inventory concerns also manage departmental inventory.
  • Validate the data in flat datasets collected in the Linux environment using Linux commands as needed.
  • Use SQL queries extensively for database reliability and validation of data.
  • It aid to test both the frontend and the backend of the application and recording the testing approach.
  • Investigate defects and log, track, and report bugs in the program using Jira.
  • The test based application is developed under Java.
  • Experience in evaluating all aspects related to the Subscription or Client module to validate the entire file extract.
  • Using the Metasploit framework, execute access control on Android applications.
  • Evaluate and develop business requirements for mainframe supporting system and distributed systems enterprises.
  • System-level requirements must be planned and carried out -based on evaluations of mainframe-based apps for different account types.
  • Using SharePoint, identify, report, and track faults and anomalies in functionality and usability.


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