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Learn Tally Course in OMR at FITA Academy No.1 training institute with advanced training. Tally is popularly used in India by the small and big sized business enterprises. It is an Accounting Software tool. The accounting principles are maintained systematically. In Accounting terms, it is referred to as Tally Accounting. Today, the Tally has more scope in the business world for maintaining the books of Accounts.

Benefits of learning the Tally course
  • The tally software is made from the financial management and it allows the financial management to handle the multiple currency transactions, daily balances, cash flow and daily transactions over different locations.
  • Tally has many useful benefits like various regional language support i.e., you can create your name for your Accounting process of data in your language. Since Tally is the most powerful multilingual integrated Business Accounting Software.
  • It will be easy to update the information in the real-time application and the same application can be used in their multiple companies concurrently.
  • Tally provides the solution to the accounting process of any business organization with the table and also the Taxation Accounting like Service and Excise tax duty. All these features areas assist the business management to make a perfect management decision.
  • Accounting Software is a friendly computerized tool that keeps the record of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable easily.
  •  In India, 80% of the small and medium ventures are using Tally ERP 9 for Financial and Accounting purposes. Tally is used in 97 nations other than India.
  • Operating Tally is not as easy as a simple software, it requires proper knowledge to become friendly with the system. After learning Tally, students will come to know the Account maintenance in shops and businesses. It is a complete Accounting Taxation, Inventory and Payroll software.
  • Tally usually helps to handle all kinds of business transactions like Balance Sheet Finalization, Inventory Maintenance, Daily Accounting, and Journals, etc. Learn Tally now and enhance your Accounting career under the guidance of Tally Training in Chennai.

The latest version of Tally

 The latest version of tally is ERP 9. Tally ERP 9 is Enterprise Resource Planning and many branches have high organizations with accounting software.

Different versions of Tally

The tally has many different versions and informed with all versions of tally software. This version of the most popular and widely used as ERP software for small businesses.

Tally 3.0

This version supports the small business by all basic Accounting dealings. The version can run only on Microsoft and it was unable to run in Windows OS.

Tally 4.5

This version of the tally was released in 1994 this will be running on MS-DOS and it was focused on the accounting system like Ledgers classification. It is offered by simple financial reports and creditors.

Tally 5

This Tally 5 version is released in the year of 1996. This tally 5 versions of structure and integrating accounting have the inventory modules.

Tally 5.4

This version could import the data facility with the help of the current data format from the earlier data format.

This tally 5.4 version was released in 2006 and it was improved by the earlier version of 5.0. The capacity of the Tally version had the data facility by importing with the help of earlier data into the present data formats.

Tally 9

It was released in 2006. This version is enhanced over earlier 8.1. The tally version 9 maintains the 13 languages also include some languages like payroll and point of sales.

Tally ERP 9

The tally solutions were developed by the Enterprise Resource Planning Tally ERP 9 version was released in 2009 and this is the latest version for the complete business solutions. This version provides many different features like tally ERP 9 and remote access.

Tally solutions developed Tally 9 Enterprise Resource Planning software recently.  Tally ERP 9 is the main product of tally solution private limited and it was co-founded by Shyam Sunder Goenka.

The software of Tally ERP 9 version maintains the Inventory management, Accounting, Tax and also the Payroll banking. Tally ERP 9 maintains all day to day processes by generating different MIS reports from the recording invoice.

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 To manage the accounting details tally has become an integral part of any other organization. Many students started their tally course by understanding the importance of tally software. Tally Course in OMR trains the students efficiently in learning the Accounting Software.

Join the course and get help from the experts at Tally Course in OMR. FITA Academy provides you with the best Tally course in Chennai with 100% placement assistance. We offer you the right blend of theory and practical classes. The trainers from FITA Academy are well-trained in Tally training to train up the candidates. We offer the best Tally Training in OMR with certified professionals at affordable fees.

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